Deep Yoga

A Strategy for Peace 
Deep Yoga Trailer

Deep Yoga Trailer

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Spiritual Quest

We are powerful beyond what we can imagine through thought.

Our essence, full of Divine Love, is an experience that is the birthright of each and every one of us!

Together we can shift energy and create an Awakening of Human Consciousness.

We can envision a beautiful New World.

Every lifetime is a gift. You are unique, and you are not alone.

A Film by Sophie Hawkins

Narration, Jocelyn Drainie            Soundtrack, Christine Mills            Walking Man, Pankaj Seth       

Special Thanks to Nasa for recordings of the Planets and The Indian Archeological Society

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Nature Without Bord
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Tagore Internationa


"I loved watching this film! Truly breathtaking and such wisdom spoken. I was in bliss by the end"

Candice Lawrence

Former Instructor,

Fanshawe College

"Stunning Visuals, insightful, and thought provoking"

Rachel McGarry

Kirtan Singer, Songwriter,

and Musician

"This film resonates to your very core long after it's over"

Teresa Tarasewicz

Former Film Instructor, 

University of Western Ontario